Jim Carter

Each of these musical pieces, fleeting, simple and unrefined, come from moments of sustained rapture when the english landscape, or my particular square mile, seemed to me to magnify the real and the good in my happiness and my suffering. In that season of an unlooked for tabula rasa, upheld and diffused by a green country, grief and joy did not hurry towards new shapes in their understanding, but mediated with the objects of their desire, investing them with meaning. I say objects, but the animistic tradition has fire enough in wood and stone to feed all stories that come after, so that each valley or creature, sabbath or flower, has full share, and equal, in the human journey.

Pagan Pasture (SM) 03:05
Mabon (IC) 03:27
Flora (SM) 02:03
Hellebore (JMC) 03:44
Magdalene 01:34
Crow Country (RJ) 02:18
English Object 02:14
Rose Garden (T) 02:44
Sky Circuit (MC, GC) 01:25
Magnificat 02:45
Home (IC) 02:22