Jim Carter

"I like to tell animal stories through words and sculpture. More often than not, they are about english wildlife and a sense of its power and vulnerability in relation to humankind. Uneasy or tragic, irrational or obscure, my stories are linked to a real world of suffering and transcendence: making sculpture from organic materials as a means of advocacy, atonement or commemoration; shifting to the written word as a way to enter emotional and numinous spaces of memory and dream. I want be honest in negotiating the complex experiences that arise in relation to land and animal life: there is anger, fear, sorrow, death, but also fertility, transformation and renewal, with the central theme being the intimate relationship between land and the human psyche."

Jim Carter received an MA with distinction in Art and Environment from Falmouth University. A member of the Newlyn Society of Artists, his work has appeared in About Place Journal, Unpsychology and Earthlines magazine.
Born, Worcestershire

MA Distinction in Art & Environment, Falmouth University, 2013
MSc Award in Ecopsychology, Centre For Human Ecology, 2001

Mixed Winter Exhibition, Anima Mundi, St Ives, 2020
Protected by Alarms, Anima Mundi Gallery, St Ives, 2019
Notes in the Garden, Tremenheere Gallery, Penzance, 2019
Mixed Winter Exhibition, Anima Mundi, St Ives, 2018
St Ives Festival, Mixed Show, Anima Mundi, St Ives, 2018
Animism, Anima Mundi, St Ives, 2018
Vulgar Earth, Theatr Brycheiniog, 2018
Drawing Down the Feminine, Bridport Arts Centre, 2018
The Hail Glow, Circa 21, 2017
Vulgar Earth, Canwood Gallery, 2017
The Dream and the Underworld, Dartington College of Arts, 2017
The Haruspex, Dartington College of Arts, 2017
Borders, Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens, 2016
Drawing Down the Feminine, Plough Arts Centre, 2016
Transition, Newlyn Art Gallery, 2016
Lips of Adam, Magalleria, Bath, 2016
The Animal Venus, 2016
Amen & Omen, The Poly, Falmouth, 2015
The Tribe Prize, Edgar Modern, 2014
Soil Culture, Falmouth University, 2014
Ule, Atkinson Gallery, 2014
There Are Old English Gods, Falmouth University, 2013
Landscape, Shell House Gallery, 2012
Earth Artists, Oriel Gallery, 2011

About Place Journal: Rewilding, May, 2018
Earthlines Magazine, Featured Artist, July 2016
Unpsychology Magazine Issue 3, June 2016
Resurgence Magazine, Issue 294, 2016
Earthlines Magazine, Nov 2015
Ofrecer El Corazon, Editorial Isla Negra, 2012

Gane Trust award, 2015
Shortlisted For The Tribe Prize, Edgar Modern, 2014
Shortlisted For Sandra Blow Award, Falmouth University, 2013
Shortlisted for Miniworks, Courtyard Centre For The Arts, 2010
Shortlisted for the Herefordshire Open, Hereford Museum & Art Gallery, 2010

Associate Member Of RANE (Research in Art, Nature And Environment), Falmouth University
Member of the Newlyn Society of Artists